Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Home Office Inspiration

 I have been staring at this blank post for almost half of the morning. I was just wondering what I would share with you. Since it is Tuesday, I knew it was time to share what I am loving lately.
However, it just so happened that I had no idea what I was loving
[this love thing is kind of complicated]
Yet, love is the easiest thing when we actually allow it from the bottom and true part of our hearts.
So after much thinking, I knew what to share with you...something that I have always loved but never had
[a home office]
When I see my fellow bloggers talking about how they are decorating their home offices and how it is hard to keep organized and what not...am so amazed {oh and a little jealous..in a totally good way}. I have to admit that bloggers have some of the most amazing ideas and the cutest home offices around.
Anyway, I decided to find some that I liked and share them with you...who knows, I might have one of my own soon enough!
                                                                    Source: mackenziehoran.com via Rachel on Pinterest

I like offices with lots of light, lots of white and some color splashes..I also love serenity in a home office..somewhere quiet and peaceful, where I can just be myself.
Well, that's what am loving


  1. I couldn't help it - I had to repin that last office space! I love a lot of white with a splash of color too! I actually had a similar home office inspiration post awhile back! Great choices :)

  2. These are elegant and lovely home offices. One can probably enjoy a comfortable working environment in there. Aside from home offices, perhaps you have some ideas about office space selections offered by the leasing specialists?

  3. Lovely collection of home office designs. Please share your project soon if you decide to have your own home workspace. :)

  4. Home offices give you the chance to stay close to your duties at home and duties at work. You must have a space that allows you to work freely without being disturbed and no work-related stress. The design of your office must maximize your space to keep from your space from getting cluttered.


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