Friday, 9 November 2012

How to Keep Warm

This week has been pretty cold in our area. In fact, today we woke up to rain, lots of rain.
You know how laziness strikes when its raining....(almost struck me this morning)
But I had to wake up and take a shower and face the day..I've loved it so far.
In fact, I've already learnt a lesson of letting go today (What do you do when there is a mix-up somewhere and you are being blamed for the mistake yet you are extremely sure that you didn't make the mistake???
Answer =You let go!)
Anyway, I was talking about cold and how to keep warm..Oh, and I just kind of came up with an outfit to go with it...Love the colors, already feeling warm
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Untitled #50

Don't you feel warm just looking at that??Hope to crochet a cowl like the one above for myself...(soon)

And now onto Friday Letters:
Dear Ring that Hubby bought for me: I love you so much and you are never ever getting off my finger., just what I wanted.Oh, and never play hiding games with my mind, I almost had a heart attack thinking I'd lost you!
Dear Hubby: Thank you and lots of Love!
Dear Weekend: As always, waiting for you and hoping to get some resting and fun out of you!
Dear crochet: Oh how I love you, what better hobby could I have asked for!
Dear blogging community:Always Loved, always appreciated!
Dear Mom-in-law: We're gonna kick that disease's ass!You are strong and so amazing and only health suits you!And by the way, I love you so much!
Happy Friday and Keep Warm!


  1. Love the idea of the socks with the boots...looks so cozy! Happy Friday! :)

  2. That orange jacket is the cutest! Perfect for a bonfire. And I think I need those mittens...!


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