Friday, 2 November 2012

Styling Sweaters & Friday Letters

Happy November loves!How much more do we need to know we are blessed! We have made it to the second last month of the year and its just awesome! I sometimes feel like we just celebrated Christmas and now we are almost onto another one.
Anyway, am just happy to be alive and well!
The sweater season is upon us and in fact, I woke up to a rainy and cool morning. Meaning that I am actually wearing a sweater and would love to add to my collection.
The one's I chose below look so cozy and easy and I just want them. I chose the first one mainly because of my latest obsession with knitwear and crochet wear...the oversized sweater is also kind of in season.
The colors are also gorgeous, easy on the eye, yet not too boring.Styled with heels for a chic look and with flats for a more casual look!
Can't wait to see how you style your sweaters!
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sweater season
                                                              Friday Letters:
Dear Life: Take me easy please!Be gentle with me, am delicate!
Dear New born baby Ken: You decided to show yourself last night and I couldn't be any happier for my friend Esther. I wish you a beautiful life ahead!
Dear Sleep: Why can't I get enough of you??Is there a way we can find some time and catch up?
Dear Weekend: Looking forward to a chill and easy one this time around. I can only pray for good things!
Dear People affected by Sandy: Am praying for you and wish you calm and safety!
Dear Me: Always remember that you are loved!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love love love the colours you've gone for, perfect for an autumn day!

  2. Love those sweaters! How perfectly fall!! :)

  3. Participating in Friday's Letters for the first time! Please stop by our blog if you have a chance. Have a great weekend. :)


  4. new[est] follower from the link up! so glad I found your blog! can't wait to keep following along.

    stop by sometime!

  5. Hi new to you blog for the weekend blog walk I'm looking forward to your posts. I'm a daddy blogger and I blog about my wonderful family.


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