Thursday, 6 December 2012

Foodie Penpals: November

Call me crazy but I think blogging is all about the community!
It is not a one person thing. What makes it so satisfying is the spirit of a community, a team that we find here!
That is why I love it.
Anyway, I signed up for a food penpal program organized by Cici Wandere from Foodie in the Desert
I was awed by the idea of exchanging food parcels with someone else, someone new, someone in this community.
So I was paired with Gathoni, not a blogger herself but I hope I convinced her to start her own blog.
Anyway, we started emailing, chatting about food and other non related things. At first, I thought we were supposed to exchange parcels but it soon became clear that Gathoni was to send me a parcel and I was to send to Gatuiri at Leo Tunapika?You can read about her experience on her blog.
So, we organized a meet up and since I live in Thika, Gathoni decided to drop the parcel here.
I was too excited to take adequate photographs of what she brought for me.
In the package was:
-Fish fillet
-2 lemons
-2 garlic onions
-A bunch of dhania
         -dhana jeera
And then there was also a recipe which she emailed me and am sharing with you.

Fish in 7 minutes
Dhana jeera 
Pestle n mortar

Dress the fish with salt on both sides,
Slice the dhania
In a seperate bowl squeeze the juice of three lemons
In a pestle n mortar mix dnana jeera tumeric dhania about two tablespoons of oil,a pinch of salt garlic and the lemon juice 
Mash them into a smooth paste
Take the fish and apply the paste on top and below generously
## if u have an oven preheat it to about 150degrees alternatively use a microwave
 Place the fish as it is in a microwave dish or baking tray, if u will use the oven bake it for 15-20 mins if u will microwave it do it for 8-10 mins 
The fish will remove some juices when ready and if u push a finger through it will sink 
You can serve with rice,mashed potatoes or ugali 
I followed this recipe and the fish was so delicious.
I served it with rice and hubby loved it.
Thank you so much Gathoni and can't wait for the December edition!


  1. OOOh how exciting to get raw meat!!! did you try the recipe? how was it?

    1. It was delicious!Loved it!You should definitely try it!


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