Monday, 10 December 2012

Weekend and Mandazi

Have you ever had a weekend where you did nothing worth noting but it was still so perfect...
From having fun doing laundry to going to the salon for hair and nails, to meeting a high school friend for drinks to having a perfect evening with hubby!!!
What better Saturday could I ask for?
Then Sunday came and I was all alone since hubz has had to work weekends for the past 3 weeks, (by the way, I don't like it, at all...thank God, its just one more left).
I spent the morning doing some crochet, then decided to make some mandazi since hubby cant get enough of them!
For those who dont know mandazi is one of East Africa's favorite snack...we take it with tea/coffee for breakfast or as a midday snack (more like doughnuts but deep fried). I do love cooking but I've had some cooking tragedies in the past week (more on that later) and I really hoped that these would turn out well.....Oh and well they did!!!
(I hope to draft and post the recipe soon)
I love the way they turned out!These are some of the things I wish I could do each weekend.
Especially when the house is calm and quiet, soft rock serenading me and am just at peace!!!
This was a nice weekend and am so thankful for it.
Hope yours was great too!!

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