Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Yarn Along: What I've been upto

Last week I did not post my updates and adventures with yarn.
But this week, I made sure to take pictures so I could show you what going on here.
I can totally say that am in love with crocheting.
This little hobby that I discovered many years ago but only decided to work on a few months ago.
I absolutely love it people.
I dont know what it is but I love crochet.
I cant get enough yarn and I keep looking for more projects to immerse my hands into.
Onto the projects:
I started this small ripple blanket and am working on it hurry. Its my go to project when I have nothing else to crochet.
Next up: my first cowl/infinity scarf.
Lets just be honest, I always wanted one but I was too lazy to make it.
Now I did one and I cannot get enough.
I wore it Yesterday when it was raining hard and the cold was biting.
Am now making larger ones, that wrap around the neck at-least once or twice.
Some people have asked some questions about what I make and now am dreaming of opening an etsy shop [encouragement would be highly appreciated]
Anyway, on Thursday am off to celebrate my sister's graduation. Lots of traveling, then I get to go to my parents for Christmas and am so excited.
It is truly the season to be happy and jolly.
Hope you are having lots of fun and preparing for Christmas...lots of food, laughter and overall joy!
Love you loves!


  1. What a great scarf! I love that you can make so many homemade gifts for people!

    Pearls & Paws

  2. I love your ripple blanket! the colours are wonderful. I think this is going to be my next project.

  3. Love that ripple blanket and the colors...yum

  4. Your ripple blanket is coming along quite nicely and I love the colors you have chosen. I once started on an infinity scarf in that very same heather gray color, then I ran out of yarn and couldn't find it anywhere! Yarn here is sold by the season, so soon the winter colors will be gone and spring ones will appear ahead of the season, similar to the fashion industry. Anyways I finally found it on eBay and have enough to finish. Now that I've seen yours, it makes me want to finish mine. :-)

    * BTW, my high school friend married a man from Nairobi, and I told him about your blog. Just so happens that he went to university in your city. :-)

  5. Go lady!
    I've been knitting two scarves for about 2 years now haha


Thanks for the Love