Thursday, 4 August 2011

Momma Thursday!!!

It's Thursday and its time to write about my mom again. However, today for a chnage, i want to thank my mum for getting married to that particular man that i call my father. Were it not for the love she felt and the choice she made, i would never have met, the beautiful woman i called my grandma for the 24 years i have lived. Therefore, i want to write about my grandma today as a tribute for a life well-lived.

My first memory of my grandma comes to mind when i was about three years old. I used to be one of those kids that hated dirt so much, so after being washed, my mom would take me to my grandma's house so that i could just sit and wait for her. I would be delighted by how she spent so much time talking to me and trying to make me understand things that i could not at that time.
I remember my grandma for her cooking, surely, i want to be like her in this sector. She could really cook and everyone wanted to have a taste of her food. If one person refused to take her food, she would get angry and make sure to tell our parents when they came back home in the evening.
I remember my grandma for wiping my tears away when someone hurt me. At most times when my parents annoyed me, i would start crying and run to my grandma, she would always be there waiting to comfort me and tell me that everything would be alright. I remember how she would quarrel with my dad for making me angry. I remember her holding me and just talking smoothly to me.
I remember my grandma for the way she used to take care of my small brother. The bond between them was something that i want to behold in my relationships. I remember my grandma, as sweet and caring and loving.
I cry for you sweet grandma, but i mostly remember and celebrate you for the great woman you always were until two weeks ago. I loved you and will always hold you close to my heart.
Lets toast to a great woman, whom i will always admire and seek to emulate all my life!!

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