Friday, 5 August 2011

My Inspiration

Sometimes, we find ourselves lost, in a world where we do not know what to do or which way to go but eventually, we come across something that acts as our inspiration. Soon, we begin to feel some kind of passion boiling inside of us and we are able to move on to bigger and better.
My inspiratioon comes from:
1: Color: Bright and beautiful, splashed everywhere. A world filled with color is a world full of inspiration. Colors brighten my world. I have recently found that my favorite color in my current phase of life is yellow, i love itbut a mixture of bright colors make me smile.

2: Music: Just put on a beautiful piece of music and my heart wants to sing. Listening to some kinds of music gives me a headache but i get easily soothed by soft rock music. Actually my favorite rock band is 3 Doors down.

3: Love: If you are like me (the mushy mushy type), then you know that love can move mountains. I love my family, i love my friends, i loooove my B/f. Without Love, the world would be nowhere. I also love some of my dresses and some of my shoes too. When i love something, i want to put it very close to my heart, such that noone and nothing can take it away.

4. People: What if there was only one person in this world and everything else was animals and plants. Life would be unbearable, but knowing that there are billions of others just like me, going thru the same kind of things is an inspiration. It makes me wonna strive harder to live a fuller life. It also inspires me to try and make the life of other people better in any way i can.

There you have it, my inspiration. What inspires you? Share....

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