Sunday, 30 October 2011

Fabulous Weekend

Have you ever felt so content at the end of a day that you do not even know what to say? My weekend has been one of great enjoyment and fun. I feel so grateful since I have had some not so interesting weekends lately.
I cannot believe how much God has blessed me of late.
Funny thing is that I did not expected any of the things that happened this weekend.
On Saturday, I woke up early and thought that I could do some general cleaning. Laundry, cleaning the house, all dishes, clean bathroom, very nice work done. Cooked lunch and then had the idea that I should go and watch a football game. Problem was I was all alone because B/f had a class to attend.
Then a friend called me and I had company and I was on my way to the Brown Bottle pub to watch the game. I have to say from this point on, the drinks started flowing and we had the best nyt ever. The dancing and the fun went on till late. I must say that I had so much fun.
Sunday then came and we slept until midday and then went out for lunch. The food, the walks, the shopping, the talks and the boyfriend made my afternoon. Am blessed and I love it and moreover, I am thankful for these blessings.
Hope you had a nice weekend too.

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