Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday- Beauty in the rain

Yeah, its that day again when we have to spend waste some time, then link up with Michelle for the best link up evvverrr! So please join in the fun and enjoy.
Today, I want all of you to know that there is lots of beauty in the rain. Even when we are feeling down and worried, there is still something to be grateful for. Something beautiful and awesome and it is inside each and everyone of us. (I just thought that I could change my blog name to Beauty in the rain, what do u think?)

Just find your beauty, even in the rain

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  1. Rain like in these photos is absolutely beautiful. Warm summer rain is the best kind. The rain I've been getting here, in Newfoundland, is not nice. It makes everything cold because it comes with wind. Not so fun, though staying in and being cozy in a warm house is quite good on days like that.

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