Monday, 7 November 2011

Just a Kiss

Hi, my lovelies. I know I have been quiet but am ok and am still as awesome as ever.
First, I want to share this song with you since it has touched my life in a big way of late

I think this song captures the kind of love or romance that we all desire.
One sweet line in this song goes like, "Just a shot in the darkness that you just might, be the one I have been waiting for my whole life"
We all wait, for that one person who will blow our minds away. That person who will make our hearts sing and our knees weak.
What we forget to appreciate is the journey to the soulmate of our dreams. We focus so much on the outcome that we forget the sweetness of the journey.
Do you remember the anticipation in your heart when you could not see your crush in high school?
It was like the world stopped until the moment you would see them and you world would just start spinning.
The anticipation of the first kiss, and the first night together.
Why don't we just hold onto these moments and live life with anticipation. To hold the joy and excitement of having good things happen to us especially in our love lives.
I have to take my own advise today and live with some kind of excitement that something simple but mindblowing will happen in my love life. The weakening in the knees, the first date, the first kiss, that is what is on my mind today.
Kisses n lots of love.


  1. My son broke up with his girlfriend this past weekend. I hope he finds the perfect girl to start over with the first date, the first kiss, etc.

    Great song to share!!

  2. Such beautiful foreign language.

    That's a great song choice!!

    Thanks for rocking with us!

  3. What a beautiful Post, and if such words that came from your heart you must be a beautiful person, and I'm sure that perfect love will find you soon! Thanks for playing along with us with the perfect song for your Post. Have a rockin' week. Also, I am your latest follower. Nice to meet you!

  4. Love you all for all the love. Thank you!


Thanks for the Love