Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Its Tuesday (Two Link-ups)

The week so far is great and am enjoying everyday. I have recently found out that 15 minutes of breathing and relaxing in the morning help me feel better about the upcoming day. I have more energy, better memory and a greater outlook on life. Try it.
Now am linking up with two great bloggers, Only Parent Chronicles for Post It Note Tuesday and Miss Mommy for Tuesday ten. Enjoy.
The ten things I am allowing into my life right now: (the first ten are for my soul while the other five are material things)

Join in and enjoy.

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. very optimistic. i love the spirit! and yeah, we should meditate at least a few minutes in the morning coz it gives us a peaceful mind throughout the day...

    follow each other?


  2. GREAT list!! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Stopping in Miss Mommy's link up party. I'm your newest follower! :)

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