Tuesday, 11 October 2011

True to Me: Always

How does a person stay true to themselves?
Personally, this is a question that I do ask myself frequently. Life is big and it presents us with so many choices that it is actually quite difficult to stay true to oneself. I don't wanna get lost in all these things, all these people who I encounter everyday.
I want 'ME' to remain, the Millie that I have always known must remain even after everything else is gone.
Staying true to oneself involves, finding oneself first.
What things do you believe in?
What excites you or makes your heart tick?
I am not my body but I am a soul that gets uplifted by certain things.
These things nourish my soul and this is who I am.
For me, love, peace, joy, stillness and everything that makes me smile, a smile that comes from deep inside, that's who I am.
This is who I want to preserve.
Staying true means that I only engage in those activities that bring out this smile,
Those things that nourish my soul and uplift it to greater heights.
Helping people not for the sake of it, but to touch their lives,
Establishing connections and keeping them open.
This is what staying true means to me.
Living from the deepest part of my heart and keeping in touch with my soul.
Hope you stay true to yourself. 

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