Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dream Destination

I always wanted to travel and Italy is on top of that list. I do not know what attracted me to it but all I know is that I wonna go there someday.

And I love this as it inspires me



  1. Hi Emmy! I've just read your comment on my recent post! I'm glad you like the songs on my playlist. This is really great keeping in touch.

    Like you, I love to travel too. My family travels a lot, but we haven't tried traveling outside the country. We will someday. * cross-fingers* :) And Italy is one of my go-to places in the future. I hope we'll meet there.

    Other than Italy, I also love other places. You can read more on my FAQ tab. I'll be including your blog badge on my sidebar "blogs I love". I'll be delighted if you include my blog on your blogroll.

    Enjoy your day Emmy! Love lots.

    Cherry :)


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