Monday, 21 November 2011

{Allowing, Allow, Allowed}


  1. Admit (an event or activity) as legal or acceptable.
  2. Give (someone) permission to do something.
Allowing is one thing that I have thought about for days and days. The kind of allowing I am talking about is the idea of giving permission to do something. It is the opposite of resistance.
Sometimes, when I just sit and start thinking of the days when I felt down or low or negative or just there, I find that I was holding some kind of resistance.
For example, when I let my roommate in campus make me angry by saying evil things about my friends. I figure out that I was allowing her to directly talk bad about my friends to me. I gave her permission to do so and therefore I resisted any good that could have come out from my conversations with her. I resisted the good, and therefore I gave permission for the bad to enter into my life.
Sometimes, we become so accustomed to resisting good that we search for things that will make us feel bad or guilty or sad. Some of us are addicted to bad. Every time they think, every time they speak, they allow more negativity, more sadness to infiltrate their lives.
But, is it possible to always allow the good?

It is absolutely possible to allow good in whatever we do. The only thing we gotta do is look out for ways and activities that will make us happy. When I find myself, resisting good and allowing sadness to infiltrate my life, I try to focus on the good things in my life. The things that I have been blessed with, the most important being life. My ability to breathe freely and to be healthy. That alone is reason enough for me to focus on good.
When we allow good, we let go of the idea that we should control everything and everyone. When I allow (give permission) good, I let God shower his blessings upon my life.
And suddenly, I become more aware of the different opportunities that God is opening up for my expansion. For my eyes to see and for me to experience in greater and more satisfying detail.
Allow good today, Let it infiltrate your life and stop resisting its impact upon your life.
I allow happiness, laughter, smiles, joy, abundance, success and satisfaction to enter my life now.

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