Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday Ten

Today am joining up with Nicole at Miss Mommy in Tuesday Ten.
My ten things today are things that God wants me to remember always:
1. I am never alone.
2. He loves and always will, no matter what happens.
3. Things will always turn out right if I believe.
4. Love is the greatest commandment of all.
5. I can tackle everything that I come across.
6. He knew me even before I was born and therefore is always with me.
7. His angels are always guarding me.
8. I am awesome.
9. He is all powerful and therefore nothing is beyond his reach.
10. He is the Source of everything good, all I have to do is Ask.
Hope you remember these too. God is always with us, no matter what.
This post was inspired by this photo from Pinterest.

Source: tumblr.com via Anna on Pinterest

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