Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Fancies- First Ever

So, lately I have been looking for ways to spice up my blog and connect with other bloggers. I found long distance loving which is an awesome blog holding a very special link-up (Friday Fancies). I hope to give my readers a sense of my style thru this post. Hope you enjoy and since this is my first of Friday fancies, bear with me.

1. Nudie Jeans, just love them. easy to wear and stress free.
2. Anthropologie golden top- really cute and awesome too
3. Blue Blazer from Hm. love it
4. Golden tote- very much my style, I love it.
5. Elise peep toe pumps from, love them.
6. Oscar de la Renta earrings, fabulous.
7. Michael Kors bracelet, just the item to complete my outfit.

I love this outfit and hope you do too.


  1. friday fancies is the BEST way to get to know new bloggers. I have yet to find a blog I dont enjoy. Looking forward to keeping more about yours, love your premise!

  2. Love that Michael Kors bracelet you chose!

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  3. i love that yellow top from anthro! pretty much love everything from anthro, but i LOVE that color too :)

  4. Michael Kors has the BEST accessories.

  5. I love that mustard bag millie! So great to connect with other bloggers I call sometimes friends :) glad we are following each others and share good things in life...

  6. Hey, thanx all for stopping by. Cherry, hope to continue sharing.

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Thanks for the Love