Sunday, 4 March 2012

Letters to my Future Husband #4

Dear {FH},
Have you ever watched a movie and felt a connection to it??
Well, I did. This film Fugitive Pieces, I have watched it three times now and I cry every time.
First, I would just like to appreciate that this film is a work of art. The cameras, the people, the locations: gorgeous. Secondly, the movie is just peaceful and calm {not like most American movies}. When I want to see something that is in touch with my soul, I go to this movie. The passion between the characters is real and I can feel it as I watch it. 
Am very sure that I want a man who feels this movie the way I do. When I meet the person who feels the connection like I do, then I will know. Reason being, this movie appeals to people with a specific kind of taste. One like mine and if you like it, then most likely, we can get along at a deeper level. If you like it, tell me. If you don't, its fine, we can still get along.
 My Love, I know I started this letter with a movie review, but do not worry, sometimes I am very connected to my artistic side. Sometimes, I might just see an artwork and start crying. Its a connection that I have not been able to explain but maybe you could help. I really hope you like art. 

My future husband, I keep on waiting and waiting and sometimes, I miss you more than others. I miss you when I have to spend a Friday evening or even a whole weekend alone. I miss you when am just watching a movie, and wish I could cuddle. I miss you when am going to church and I sit all alone. I miss you so much.

However, I understand that you will come when am most ready. So, for now, I have to spend my time readying myself for the day you will come. Filling up my life with things that excite me, things that I love. I must spend my time, finding joy and opportunities that I can share with you when we meet. 
With this knowledge, I am no longer sad, no longer lonely; I am happy instead. For I want you to find me when I am happy and joyful, ready for the best days with you. 
Oh, and before I forget, I would also like to inform you that I finally changed my blog name. I am a queen and I decided that the title must reflect this accordingly. I decided to call it my LITTLE PALACE. I hope the name is befitting and that you like it.
I love you always.

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  1. I miss you Emmy! Happy that we're friends on twitter too. :) anyways, i have tagged you to some questions on my blog. check it out.


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