Monday, 19 March 2012

Scintilla #6: Beautiful Days

It is Monday and I am so grateful for being alive. I am grateful because I get to see another beautiful week. I get to experience the joy of breathing and eating and walking and learning how to drive. Yes. Finally, I enrolled for driving lessons and am loving it. Its part of my 25 before 25 project and that means am headed in the right direction even if I waited till the last minute. To reiterate yesterday's prompt, dreams do come true especially when you want them so bad.
Today's Prompt: 2. What does your everyday look like? Describe the scene of your happiest moment of every day.
I like to think myself of an evening person but lately, I have come to see the beauty in mornings. When asked to describe the happiest moment in my day, I do not have a specific answer. My day is filled with little snippets of joy that make up a full/whole/complete happy day. This is just a preview of these moments.

-Scene 1: Breathing in the fresh air when I wake up in the morning. First things first, I always say a prayer of thanksgiving acknowledging all the blessings in my life. It might be just saying thanx for getting to see a new day or a whole list of things I appreciate. None is better than the other as long as it is a prayer of appreciation. I love this scene in my day. It brings me to a new level of alignment and I am able to face my day with hope.

- Scene 2: Doing all the things that we consider normal yet are not so normal. Eating, taking a shower, walking around, working, reading, listening to music, and many more. These are things I enjoy doing. Everyday, I wake up and I expect to have food on the table. I consider this a normal thing, yet there are people who sleep hungry. With this in mind, considering this part of my happy scenes is no exaggeration. I have come to a place where I appreciate my life for what it is. I know I could spend my life complaining and sulking, but when I look around, am still blessed. So much so, that I often laugh at myself for complaining and being sad at times. These small things make me happy.

-Scene 3: This often comes late at night, when I have eaten, watched a movie and want to sleep. My phone rings. I reach for it and I know there can be only one person calling at that time. The one who calls everyday before they sleep. Before I sleep too. For many years now, I get this call. He asks how am doing and we talk about our days. We then say good night. Even when angry, even when things dont look so good but more importantly when things are going well. I love this call and the caller too. It is the best scene of my day and it is most certainly the simplest yet the most pleasurable.


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