Sunday, 18 March 2012

Scintilla #5: The Impossible Dream

I know I skipped yesterday but I just had so much stuff to do and I had to take a break because the day 3 post was really painful for me. I want to change the course of this project and I will only write of those stories that touch my soul. The stories that make me smile and hope they make you smile too. I hope I can keep that promise to you and to me.

Today's Prompt: What is One Massively Impossible dream you've always had?
One thing that you must understand about me is that I love to dream. I not only dream at night, I also dream during the day. I dream as I walk, I dream as I eat, I dream as I go through everyday. I also highly believe in my dreams. I believe that none of them are impossible and that they are coming true everyday. All I have to do is open my eyes.So, instead of writing about the impossible dream, I choose to write about the dream that is closest to my heart.
I dream of my future children. I know am only 24, almost 25, but I do all the time. I dream about a baby girl. Her name is Aria. She has big beautiful eyes and her smile melts my heart. I dream of the first day that I get to hold her. I feel her soft hands touching my cheek. I can smell her and it touches my heart. I dream of all the days we will spend playing around and talking and laughing, being a mother and daughter. I dream of you my beautiful Aria.
I dream of a baby boy, I am yet to decide on his name but I love him as much. I dream of his little feet. I dream of his soft cry. I hear you in my sleep. I think of you as I go through my life. I dream of you loving soccer, and music and anything that you desire. I dream of your soft hands holding mine and us walking into the sunset. I love you my little boy.
I dream of your father my children. I do this every single day. I spend some time just thinking and dreaming about him. I dream of his big heart and his beautiful soul. I dream of his romance, I dream of his love. I dream about us making love, I dream about us laughing and creating a beautiful life for our children. I dream of our wedding day. I dream of his eyes, his scent, his stomach, his shoulders. I dream of his laughter, I dream of his tears, I dream about the strength of his feelings, I dream about his hugs and kisses. I dream of my future husband.
I keep dreaming, because I know you are all part of my life. I dream because I know, as I live my life, my dreams are coming true in each moment. This is not an impossible dream, it is MY DREAM. The true dream, the lofty dream that keeps my soul alive.


  1. I don't think this is an impossible dream. Not for you, Millie. I think that this is coming for you sooner than you think. And it is a simple and beautiful dream too.

  2. I am with Stereo, this will happen before you know it and you will be swept up in the strength of it so quickly that years will pass before you realize that your dream came true and you were so happy that you forgot to even check it off the list.

  3. You both give me strength in knowing that my dream will come true. Thank you for that.


Thanks for the Love