Monday, 4 June 2012

The last 72 hours: Photo Overload

Ok, in these parts, a weekend that begins with a public holiday on Friday is termed as a long weekend. So, on Friday we had lots of fun with b/f taking photos of the national celebrations. For more on that, you can find pictures on our other blog Thika Live.
1. Taking a shortcut through a maize plantation.
2. Me, being all tomboyish. I know I cropped the rest of the photo but I was pointing at a big sack which I was about to jump. This was at b/f's parents.
3. Just chillin!This bird was so relaxed.
4. Me, being all goofy!
5. Colorful: there's green everywhere.

6.7.8: Meeeeee!Who wants a piece of me?

It was a good weekend!Lots of resting and walking and laughing but now I have a cold. But we gonna conquer that too, with a beautiful week!

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  1. Oh, so sorry to learn that you have a cold! But at least you got to enjoy your long weekend. I do hope you get well soon! Take care, Millie! God bless :-)


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