Monday, 3 September 2012

I baked a cake!!!And an Update

I baked a cake!!!
Yes, I did!And am pretty darn excited about it. Its an accomplishment that I was so looking forward to. I have baked cakes before but then I was just helping my mum. This time, it was all me!!!

Am so happy! I hope you are happy for me too!The cake is for my husband. His birthday is on 31st Aug, and I made it as a surprise. I have never done such a thing for him before and I think this will make him very excited.
In my last post, I talked about my dream of owning a bakery and a cooking school. I can only think of this as a first step. It is amazing how a little thing such as baking a simple cake can bring so much satisfaction.
I hope this is just a first of many.I hope to post the recipe later!
Oh and just for some reason, I have to tell you that I went for a morning run today. It was amazing, more on that later!Hope you are having a great week loves!!


Thanks for the Love