Monday, 24 September 2012

Never Give up + Weekend Update

So, this weekend was absolutely crazy and amazeballs at the same time.
Friday, I was so tired that on Saturday I was unable to wake up and go to work.
So, I slept in and tried to rest until the bug caught me and I started cleaning.
Laundry, house, kitchen, everything was cleaned.\
Then in the afternoon, a friend had invited us to lunch so I dressed up and left with hubs.
Little did we know that it was not just lunch but a full-blown party.
So, the festivities started and all I can say is after a few too many glasses of wine, we ended up sleeping at 6. a.m in the morning.
So, there went Sunday, nursing hangovers and sleeping just to make sure we would be ready for the week.
And here I am, Monday all fresh, a little sleepy but still loving it.

Just a little reminder to guide you and me through the week:
Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Whenever things seem a little hard, or you fall down and find yourself not knowing wheere to turn, never, ever, give up. I have to remind myself this everyday and I always find that things get better. Remember that where there is hope, there is life. So, keep on keeping on.
Have a fabulous week dolls!


  1. thanks for the sweet and encouraging reminder. i definitely needed it on this monday!

    happy monday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  2. Thanks for the reminder, have a great monday



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