Friday, 21 September 2012

What to wear to a Manchester United Game

As none of you know (lol)- am a huge soccer fan.
Ok, huuuuuge fan.
I know most of my readers subscribe to the American football concept but really I don't get it. But I do appreciate you.
I like soccer and here we call it football. No quarter backs or anything, just defenders, midfielders, strikers and goalkeepers.
Yeah, I do know about all this stuff and I like it.
So, as we create outfits today on Friday Fancies, I chose to create one inspired by my favorite teams of all time. MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!! Whoooop!Whoooop!
Am crazy, aren't I?
I sleep late watching this team, I stop whatever am doing just to watch a replay of the goals, I just cant stand when we lose.
Anyway, too much of that, considering this is a lady's blog.
Hope that its not too much boy stuff.
Anyway let me spare you and just go directly to the outfit.
Untitled #41

I would totally wear this and I think I already have but lets just leave it at that.
Happy Friday loves.


  1. those jeans are so cute!... and so are the earrings! :)

  2. I was wondering if anyone would do Soccer... Love this look!

    xo, Emily

  3. I would too.. I'm your newest follower, found you from friendly Friday linky

    so happy Friday :)


Thanks for the Love