Monday, 8 April 2013

Welcome 26 and A really big announcement

Hi there? Somebody, Anybody???Are you still out there?
Do you still come to this little space to see if I've updated anything??
Am sorry I've disappointed you over the last few months but there has been a lot going on.
Please bear with me and lets hope we can take this journey together all over again.

First things first: Today is my birthday. Am 26. Holy cow!!Am getting really really old. Like really old.
But am happy about it all.
It has been a great day, though a work day, all the birthday wishes made my day but most importantly, hubby made my day. Thank you to him.

Now onto the big announcement:

Yes, we are PREGNANT. Oh my God!I've been waiting to find the right moment to blurt it out on here but there seems to be no right moment. I don't know if its pregnancy brain or its just me not knowing how time is flying. I think its just the joy of being a first time mom.
Am 18 weeks and that is almost halfway there and we are so excited. I hope you can read the excitement from these words. The whole experience has been life changing and I hope to share more with you as we go along!
Am so blessed to be carrying this little bun in my tummy and I already cannot and I repeat cannot wait to meet him or her.
I can only hope for much more fun and joy as this journey continues.
All your support and advice is highly appreciated.


  1. CONGRATS!!!!! I too have been a little MIA on posting here and there. It happens. But I am still here. Although I am switching over to Wordpress. I find I get more feed back there than on Blogger. I like the layout and user ease as well!

  2. Thank you so much Jessica!

  3. Congratulations! I was curious when you were making so many crocheted baby things. I am wishing you + the hubby well. :-)

  4. Congratulations Millie. And what do you know, we share a birthday, though I turned 24. Enjoy the pregnancy, hoping you can post a pic or two once you acquire another camera.


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