Monday, 12 March 2012

Hi, Have you met me? Its Monday

My name is Millie.
I live in Kenya, one of the most beautiful countries in East Africa.
Home to famous long distance athletes. If there is a race in your country, there is 90% chance that a Kenyan will win it. Am proud of my roots, and I hope you come visit sometime.

Yeah, those are actual, living giraffes and their home is Kenya. 
Am 24 years old, moving swiftly to 25 in April. 
Single, hoping to get engaged and married soon. 
Lover of all things romantic.
Point to note: I love babies.
I love art, all kinds: music, books, paintings, sculptures, fashion,drawings, patterns, colors: name it and I love it.
Am the first born in a family of three, two girls, one boy. The boy is last.
I love my family.
Am an auntie to several cutesies. 
A grandmother to one (I love that, it sounds funny, but I am).
Am a writer by profession.
I work from home.
I love life and especially MINE.
I love drinking and dancing and swimming.
I love blogging and feel welcome to my little palace.
Lots of Love 

Now that you know me, enjoy hopping around and hope to see you more often.


  1. My sister just came to visit me from Kenya! She was there for about a year and loved it! x

  2. How I love to visit Kenya someday and finally meet you in person Emmy! :) You're very pretty.

  3. Its a beautiful country. Thank you Cherry, hope we shall meet some day!

  4. Nice to meet you and glad I stumbled upon your little creative space on the web. Enjoy your day:D


Thanks for the Love