Thursday, 6 September 2012

Current Crush

Am sorry!!
Did I just start my post with an apology??
You know, I wrote a post about running yesterday and I am writing another one today!!
I know its weird and not advisable as the blog may be deemed boring but am just trying to keep the momentum!

By the way, my body is aching like crazy!!I can't even walk properly. Its crazy. The stairs are the worst!I look like a pretty old granny when walking down or up the stairs!
I just wanna sit at my desk the whole day and have someone carry me home in the evening.
I did not even realize I was so beat until I started it.
Am I really that unfit??Hope not!

Now, I really need/want some running gear. I do especially have an inkling towards needing new running shoes. The ones I have are not really that comfortable.
And also, what better motivation to keep running than a new pair of shoes??
So, my current crush revolves around all the things I want as part of my new hobby!!

running by emmyel featuring nike shoes

Current Crush Thursdays


  1. Love these shoes! Bright running shoes are necessary, I swear they make me run faster!


  2. I love a great workout outfit!!!


Thanks for the Love